Monday, April 25, 2011

Sun and Moon

Beyond the moon there are stars and
possibilities, cracks
in time and voids of light
beyond the moon there is chaos and
order, planets following perfect
rotations and craters being formed by
off balance shooting meteors
beyond the moon there are laws
for things as of yet undiscovered
and beyond the moon there is a sun
that allows for all the life on this rock
and under this sun there are flowers
and schedules
there are film stars and serial killers
under this sun there are people with
agendas and time slots and
suffering and also
unsurpassable room for creativity
but above all else, under our sun
there is a boy who plays with trains
saying his is comfortable coming to rest
and a girl with a train station and a smile
for the sun and moon
in his eyes

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Art Observations

light splatters like a Pollack on
your shoulders
the curvatures distorting squares into
oblong smiles
I want to soak up these moon rays
spread over your neck
lips lapping up
organic chemistry, bred from
nightmare dreamscapes
of over happy monologues
in the darkness we
grasp at straws
fingertips over collarbone mistakes
tendons straining under moving necks
I am an object in your path
sharing your space
filling you like molten lava
volcanic heart spilling over
into this lunar moment
we are fond, found in arms
wrapped like gifts on no particular day
in each other
skin to skin and breath to lung
I see you
splattered with beauty
in life painted spot on your back
and I want you
to know me

Monday, January 24, 2011


I see wind like surprise
from a baby faced boy
laughing with our skinny
prospects at becoming
a big, fine man in the time of a
injured ego and a country full of
ex-Pats. We lost ourselves in
music and magic and science fiction
burning desire with Zippo lighters and
hoping someday our records
would be eradicated, erased and misplaced
we are the cream of the crop
the sweet of the saints or
the magician’s apprentice
hoping to hear something useful from
parents or teachers or junkie friends
watching life gurgle from their throats
as Percocet clogs their veins.
Our dreams were dashed in your eyes.
I watched the mirror smashed with
greasy pots and pans
knocked in your head with dead metaphors and
cosmopolitan nightmares rushing like
sororities and the fraternity to which you wished you
belonged wronged you by
noticing your k-mart shoes.
We had dreams once. Like skies and
no limit fairy tales. And college
used to seem so far away.

Burning House

Motion picture fallout and I see flames
Licking at your lips
There is no word for the look in your eyes
Where the closest emotion is conflicted amour
Arduous glares and I wish you
Would take a piece of me
Leave a memory on skin to cherish
Like a child born of dispassionate offhand remarks
Mark me, make me a target
focused fetishes and easy money
There is fire in this movie
I have seen it before
Our candle lit in closed spaces
Burns the house down
Leaving us naked in the middle
Ash circle
Staring at the spectacle, people gather
And what could be mistaken as
A burn has suspicious cuts around its edge
We watched as they shot glares and cameras
And only told of being the victim
When in our secret, the fire
Was sparked by something quite different

“Here is the Home of Color and Light”

what if you understood
what I was trying to say
like you tried to
make sense of moving lips
curving hips and tucked away body language
figuring that when I looked
past your corneas
touching your spinal cord
with unkempt fingernails
you would feel my words
plucking your heart strings
like a violin concerto
written for multiple voices.
your fingers are white piano keys
mine forming black ones
chromatic chromosomes
entwining, moving our fist
down to my waist, in our song
we dance
words floating like
clouds around our crowns of sunlight.
what if you understood
what I was trying to say
that every drop of music on my
tongue was to sing you into
the heavens
and drag you to the dance floor
because I love being caught in the silence
and the stillness
of you.

I Wrote a Sonnet for You

We rested under a shady tree
To pass the day in style
We looked each other in the eye
And hoped to stay a while
But as we dove into the deep
Swimming in our souls
We noted something we couldn’t keep
That we were growing old
And if we sat until the dark
We wouldn’t last the night
And if we spoke what’s in our minds
We would begin to fight
So with closed eyes we hoped to be
That which differs from reality


We sprung into life
working magic into our leaves
our branches winding fire
in our flesh
I looked at you as the wind
swept the dust off your face
sparkling skin flecking
the morning cloud bursts
When it rained I watched
you dance
and as the thunder shook your boughs
you brushed my hands
and my leaves blushed into